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Insurance is a Life Preserver You Can Always Count on when You are Sailing Through Uncharted Water

Remember insurance makes modern life manageable, by letting you easily protect yourself, family members, and assets during times that matter the most

Industries Served

Industries Served

The Sexton Agency’s insurance policies cover a broad range of insurance needs; varying from Flood Zone to Vacancy coverage.
Sexton Insurance is a full service agency and brokerage that will work with you on all aspects of your personal or commercial policies in order to find the best coverage for you.

About Us

Where Security Meets Honesty

We have been protecting Washingtonians for over 25 years. As your fellow Washingtonian, we will continue to do all we can to help protect our local residents, families, and assets.


Do you need an Insurance Teacher?

Let our office guide you through the insurance trade.

Meet Super-Insurance Peter. Peter is dedicated to his clients, up to all hours of the day living and breathing insurance matters.

Let’s face it, at the end of the day, a good Insurer does whatever it takes to go above and beyond. Peter followed his instincts and went above and beyond, representing his clients interest at every point while they where out of the country, assuring the property remained safe.

It is easy to overlook the quit dedication and support of having a true member on your team versus just another insurance company to file claims with. In the end, like anything, it pay to work with good people.

Jen Hudson

Certified Commercial Advisor , Windmere Real Estate

The Sexton Agency provides any insurance need throughout one’s life; so far they have successfully insured mine. Whenever I have a question, concern, or idea Peter happily helps me out. Peter will work hard for what is best for his user. With over 25 years of experience in insurance Peter know his way around the industry.

Lukas Northcraft

User Experience Designer , Northcraft User Experience Design

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